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Can Narendra Modi Become Prime Minister Again ? Yes or No

Do You Want Modi As Prime Minster Again

First and second phase of general assembly election has been completed . Few more voting phase will be conducted in coming days .

Some citizens are supporting Mr. Modi for his policy and development work . Some are crticizing him for his foreign tour .

Bharatiya Janata Party is confident of winning this election and sure of forming government at the center again . Indian National Congress led by Rahul Gandhi is also doing hardwork , high voltage election campaign to get back to power in center .

But time will say , who will form government for next 5 year . May 23 will be the deciding day of Indian politics . On may 23 , general assembly election result will be counted .

Some Achievements of Modi Sarkar

  1. Surgical strike on pakistan
  2. Air strike on pakistan
  3. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna
  4. Ujjwala Yojana
  5. GST

There are so many development worked carried out throughout the country . So BJP supporter are confident of winning again .

Rahul Gandhi’s Primise Of NYAY

Few days back Rahul Gandhi promise that if Congress will came back to power , they will work for the poor people unlike modi who only work for rich people . Congress party has promised to give 6000 thousand rupees every month to poor people of the country. In one year every poor family will get 72000 rupees .

Some saying this policy will help poor people to get well education , food and good life . Some are criticizing this policy .

What do you think ? Which party will form government in center ?

BJP or Congress

Please tell your views in comment box .

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