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Who Will Win In Odisha In 2019 BJD BJP Or Congress

Will BJP Win In Odisha In General Assembly Election 2019 ?

With the above questions , our YouthNow team met more than thousands of people . We asked for their views on which party deserves to form government in odisha .

We asked same question in various online platforms , and collected their views .

From above source we have shortlisted few opinion about which party will win in Bidhan sabha election in 2019 . We talked to many students,doctors,farmers,govt servants,lawyers ,local politician and middle class people .

Many students shared their concerned over job and employment . In last 2-3 years very vacancies are filled up by the government . They showed their anger on this.

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BJP will win in Odisha . Modi has done so many good works . Dharmendra Padhan and Aparajita Sarangi will lead BJP party to victory – Dr. Ankan Samantray ( Cuttack)

Some says there is 50-50 chance of winning of BJP and BJD in Odisha in 2019 . There is no hope for Congress . Most of the people denied win of congress .

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Naveen Pattanaik has done good work in 17-18 . He will lure voters by announcing some schemes . In my opinion BJD will come to power in Odisha . – Madhu Sharma (Student)

Aparajita mam will play a vital role in the winning of Bharatiya Janata Party in Odisha – Sankar Pattanaik

Though Congress came to power in Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh , They will not be able to form government in Odisha – Pradeep Sahu ( Student )

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Around 60% people voted for BJP in our online poll and rest 40% voted for BJD . There will be head to head fight between BJD and BJP in assembly election .

What do you think , will BJP come to power in Odisha or BJD will again form govt ? Share your opinion in comment box .




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  • BJD n BJP both have to convince the voter about their scheme and the developmental work taken by them.i think in BJD ruling developmental work happed in Bhubaneswar only,it is not speed up all parts of Odisha where as in BJP ruling developmental work spread around almost all region of India specially border area well developed during Modi era..

  • Sj. Naveen Pattnaik led BJD govt done several propoganda to attract the voters. After ruling 17 yrs Odisha is one of the poorest state. In my point of view this govt should be chnaged. If BJD is not doing anything well let other party to rule so that other power thirsty will do something to attract people for the next election.